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Look Up: Who They Almost Were

Title: Who they almost were. stephidurand.com

When it comes to naming characters, I do think it does help to find a name that truly fits them. It’s their name — part of who they are. So, the thought of your favourite character potentially having a completely different name is such a crazy thought.

Which is why, for this little behind the scenes, I’m going to share with you the potential names my main character — Sydney Reid — almost was, as well as the names which were also an option for the rest of the characters throughout the book!

I won’t go too in-depth into who’s who. Hopefully, the fact that you’re here reading this means you’ve read the book and already know who’s who! If you haven’t, don’t worry about it!

Maybe you’ll give it a go one day!

Anyway, on with our characters.

Sydney Reid.

Sydney is the protagonist of the Look Up story. She’s the woman we spend the entire book with as we go through her journey alongside her.

When I came up with names for all the characters, I cycled through my favourite name generator site, jotting down names I liked the sound of.

Sydney Reid’s name came down to just four options.

· Sydney Reid

· Ava Moss

· Violet Holland

· Anastasia Hall

After mulling them over, I said goodbye to Ava Moss and Violet Holland and was left to decide between Sydney and Anastasia.

It was easy to pick between the two. After seeing Sydney Reid as an option, I was quickly drawn to the name. Unintentionally choosing it before I even had the chance to find other options. I can’t see her as anyone other than Sydney — after writing the book and developing her character, Anastasia simply feels too wrong a name for me to use!

Jaxon Harrison.

I had to go back to my scribbles for this. I honestly couldn't remember Jaxon being considered as anyone but Jaxon Harrison. I love his character and I'm so torn about how much I want to incorporate him in the next story. Hopefully, you've read the book otherwise this line will concern you. Hmm, maybe you should have read it first... Anyway!

· Jaxon Harrison

· Kieran Wright

· Kaiden Duncan

Everyone Else.

When it came to everyone else, I knew I wanted names originating from different locations. Some of these characters — such as Felipe and Lars — I have completely fallen in love with, and they didn't exist until I started looking at names. (I love them so much, I'm making it a goal to give them more on-page time in book 2 - Look Forward)

Most of the names were used in the story, I just knew when I had what I needed. I'd go through the name generator, combining forenames and surnames to get something I liked and made a note of it.

· Avery Hunt

· Jordan Burke

· Hayden Fletcher

· Amira Bailey

· Emanuel Arrabal

· Felipe Martínez

· Lars Petersen

· Daria Cebula

You'll see that Adīna wasn't on the list. She was someone I named last minute because the remaining names on the list just didn't fit. I do what I can to not describe the characters in the book, leaving that to the reader's imagination. But for Adīna, I can't help but picture her in a specific way. I won't share that in this post, maybe another sometime in the future. But she is a pure joy in my mind.

And that's it! That's all the name potentials I had for Look Up. I had forgotten how nice some of the unused names were, so if they can't find a place in Look Forward, I'll definitely be keeping a note of them to use in a future project.

Thank you for being here today and I hope to see you again in the future!

With love,


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