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Stepping Out My Comfort Zone | Marketing As A Shy Indie Author

Since publishing Look Up in December, I've found marketing and promoting my book to be much more difficult than I anticipated.

Sadly, to make sales I actually need to promote it. This is something I struggle to do, especially when it comes to my social energy.

I'm not the best at making conversations. I'm constantly falling into a routine of only retweeting things on Twitter instead of tweeting things myself or engaging with others. I also have very little confidence when it comes to talking about my accomplishments and things I've worked hard on.

But if I want to get the gears turning and have people buying and reading my books, I need to change that.

I'm hoping that by writing these out, I'll be giving some form of commitment to them. I will do these, they will be done. If no one answers, at least I tried.

So here's what I plan to do.

  1. I'll research and reach out to Indie bookstores in my area. Highlighting that I'm a local author who's self-published.

  2. As I published through Ingramspark, my work has more chances of being added to bookstores and libraries. I will finally be brave enough and email my local library (max 10-minute walk away) and the bigger library in my town and ask if they're interested in ordering copies of my book. (First 5 copies ordered by UK libraries in the first year I have to provide, so it's a win-win for them)

  3. Reach out to those I know who have read my book to leave a review where they purchased it. Reviews are so important and nobody seems to be wanting to leave any right now.

  4. Take photos of my books to use when promoting online. (I've just been slacking on this one)

  5. Try and connect with reviewers who would be interested in a copy of my book.

  6. Email my old secondary school and see if they'd be interested in stocking copies in their library. (This one terrifies me the most, but if they've never had an author before who knows, it could go well!)

Can I do them? I hope so. Will I get them done? I plan to.

Now, to actually write some of these emails... (wish me luck!)

With love,


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